The ability to demonstrate any expertise, from threat landscape expertise to advanced design and configuration, gives partners tremendous opportunities as they not only understand customer needs, but also specifically know how to meet those needs with advanced technologies. .

Fortinet certification validates unique knowledge of Fortinet solutions used to combat modern cyber threats. Certified partners have got to know the solutions as well as their applications and have the competence and skills to quickly identify security gaps in the network and to remedy them successfully for their customers.

Fortinet NSE certification has been shown to help partners improve their revenue streams for uncertified companies. Combining threat expertise and a profound understanding of Fortinet solutions, it is hoped that our partners can leverage the wide variety of security solutions from Fortinet and Fortinet partners to address challenging network security problems and develop the solutions they can offer to a wider range of customers.

Partners who earn NSE certification experience acceptance in the industry and are used by Fortinet as trusted advisors. When you combine the latest information from the threat landscape with problem solving skills, you will be adequately prepared to serve new customers than the competition and will be better able to address your customers' network security problems over the long term.

Each of our membership levels (authorized, silver, gold, and platinum) require a specific level of NSE compliance in order to meet and maintain status. Achieving these certifications ensures that partners can access the rewards, benefits, and enhancements of the Fortinet Affiliate Program.


As the threat landscape advances to strain your customers' IT systems and staff, knowing how to properly classify potential network security vulnerabilities and combine them with the most robust protection solutions is critical to business success. .

Fortinet Networking Certifications enables partners to develop their predominant network security skills while mastering the Fortinet solutions customers need. This entire certification program enables partners to accelerate their business resolution with industry-leading recognition while gaining insight into the advanced threat landscape and security solutions required to address these issues.